JAX Food Grade Greases

Magna-Plate 8


This is a general-purpose NLGI #2 food-grade grease. It has excellent water resistance and lubrication qualities. Good oil bleed characteristics at low ambient temperatures make it ideal for small, high-speed bearings.

Magna-Plate 22

CFIA N / NSF H1 100% Synthetic

This is a unique 100% synthetic grease formulated for freezers and other applications where temperatures can approach -50°F (-46°C) and lower. It has excellent wear and rust protection in an extremely pumpable grease.

Magna-Plate 44-0, 44-1, 44-2


JAX Magna-Plate 44-0 is an Advanced Technology NLGI #0 food-grade grease formulated for centralized lubrication systems on high-speed can-closing equipment and other food-, drug- or beverage-processing machinery using centralized greasing. Magna-Plate 44-1 and 44-2 are heavier versions of the same grease for hand-greasing applications. Enhanced anti-wear protection, excellent pumpability and low bleed characteristics help extend equipment life. Superb water resistance and rust protection make Magna-Plate 44 greases ideal in areas of high wash-down or water contamination.

Poly-Guard FG-LT, FG-2


Food-grade lubricating greases that provide performance levels higher than anything the industry has ever seen. Poly-Guard FG has a new advanced technology thickener, greatly enhanced rust protection, and one of the highest levels of E.P. and anti-wear performance available. Other features include excellent pumpability, separation control, and easier cleanup for sanitation.

Halo-Guard FG Series
FG-00, FG-LT, FG-2, FG-PM


This series of revolutionary food-grade grease is manufactured with an advanced, proprietary calcium sulfonate complex thickener. This newly enhanced thickener technology provides exceptional mechanical stability, very high load-carrying (E.P.) ability and remarkable rust and corrosion control. In addition, JAX Halo-Guard FG has excellent water resistance and outstanding high-temperature performance abilities. This technology is combined with a new high viscosity, partial synthetic food-grade base fluid to make JAX Halo-Guard FG the best high-performance, food-grade grease for heavily-loaded applications. This is a true high-performance, plant-wide food-grade grease.

Halo-Guard NZ LT, 2

The Halo-Guard NZ LT, 2 has all the performance benefits of our Halo-Guard FG Series but this formulation is manufactured without zinc.

Clear-Guard FG-2

This translucent grease was compounded with a special high-temperature polymer that will cling to metal surfaces under the most severe conditions. Water, salts, heat and chemicals will not affect performance, and it resists sling and channeling under high-speed or high-temperature conditions.

Gear-Guard FG

CFIA N / NSF H1 100% Synthetic

Food Plant Open Gears

This is the newest technology food-grade open gear grease. It provides exceptional load-carrying properties and adheres 5 - 20 times longer than conventional open gear compounds. It also provides outstanding water resistance.

Oven-Ice FG 2


JAX Oven Ice FG-2 is a 100% PAO synthetic, inorganic-based, non-melting food-grade NSF H1 grease suitable for the many lubrication applications in the food-processing industry, as well as on the related ovens and kilns.
Magna-Plate 300 NSF H2

This is a high-temperature grease with enhanced oxidation and anti-wear properties, containing 3% technical grade Molybdenum Disulfide and other solids. Magna-Plate 300 will outperform all conventionally thickened greases that are exposed to high temperatures for extended periods. This dramatically reduces caking and carbonized deposits.

Magna-Plate 500-0, 500-1, 500-2 NSF H2

By applying advances in the technology of water resistance, JAX has formulated one of the world’s most water-resistant greases. An excellent, general plant grease for wear protection, rust and water problems, and multi-purpose applications. Magna-Plate 500 is known throughout the industry for outstanding performance. Now available in NLGI #0 grade so fully automated centralized greasing systems can take advantage of this remarkable technology.

Magna-Plate 700-2 NSF H2

The water-resistant grease has been formulated to address the specific needs of the fresh and saltwater dredging industry. It provides unsurpassed resistance to water wash-out, corrosion protection in salt-water or seawater and high load-carrying protection.

Magna-Plate 800-1, 800-2

These are severe-duty greases with excellent cohesive and adhesive characteristics. Extreme-pressure, extraordinary anti-wear properties, and excellent shear stability are the features that have made Magna-Plate 800 the absolute best solution to problem lubrication of heavy-duty equipment when loads are over design limits. It withstands shock loading, large amounts of moisture and many extraneous chemicals better than most other greases.

Magna-Plate 1000-1, 1000-2 NSF H2

These are high-temperature general-purpose grease with enhanced oxidation resistance properties. Magna-Plate 1000 outperforms all conventionally thickened greases that are exposed to high temperatures for extended periods. They dramatically reduces, caking and carbonized deposits and is fully E.P. and anti-wear treated.

Magna-Plate 1100 USDA H2

This is a specialized grease for areas of high salt or chemical contamination and high wear rates. Magna-Plate 1100 patented corrosion control formula defies rust formation while providing excellent anti-wear performance.

Magna-Plate 1200 100% Synthetic

A fully synthetic grease for temperatures up to and exceeding 600°F (316° C). This thermally stable product is formulated with costly synthetic esters and a proprietary base soap to provide excellent oxidation stability and lubrication properties for extended periods and at extremely high temperatures.

Pyro-Plate EPN-2 100% Synthetic

This high-temperature, synthetic grease combines 100% high viscosity synthetic base oils with a proven high-temp thickener for outstanding performance in severe applications that may encounter heavy loads and infrequent lubrication.

Poly-Plate EP-0, EP-2, EP-3.5

The high-performance benefits of these greases are so outstanding that we believe it will replace lithium complex as the benchmark, high-temperature industrial grease. This grease has an extremely long life, excellent water resistance and better low-temperature performance than lithium complex greases. It is also recommended for Sealed-for-Life and EMB applications.

Ring Grease-XL

This specially formulated water-resistant grease is made to withstand high-pressure roller applications. Ring Grease-XL shows excellent resistance to both water and acid wash-downs, and lasts up to 30 times longer due to its ability to withstand the extreme-pressure between the ring and the drum roller.

Dredge-Guard 1 & 2

Extensively field tested, JAX Dredge-Guard “stays put” and outperforms industry greases currently used in off-highway construction, trucking and dredging operations. Developed for high load, high-contamination applications, this grease outperforms in all of these areas: resistance to water wash-out, high load-carrying protection, extreme-pressure and anti-wear characteristics and good mobility and pumpability.

Gear-Guard Synthetic NSF H2 100% Synthetic
Open Gears

This new development in open gear lubrication is formulated to provide the ultimate performance in severe applications. The base thickener and fluid used are inorganic synthetics with temperature ranges to handle the toughest environments. Gear-Guard Synthetic is unsurpassed in the three critical areas of water resistance, film adhesion, and wear protection.

Hydro-Chain Grease NSF H2 100% Synthetic

JAX Hydro-Chain Grease is a specially formulated water-resistant grease made to withstand the steam, water and high loads found in hydrostatic cooker chain applications.

Hydro-Guard RCG 100% Synthetic

Specially formulated water-resistant grease solubilized in a non-flammable high-evaporation rate solvent. It is formulated for applications where conventional lubricating greases are difficult to apply, and light viscosity liquid is required for proper penetration, such as retort cart wheel bearings.

Robo-Guard 00
JAX Robo-Guard 00 is manufactured with an advanced, proprietary thickener. This newly enhanced technology provides exceptional mechanical stability, very high load-carrying ability and remarkable rust and corrosion control. In addition, JAX Robo-Guard 00 has excellent water condensate resistance and outstanding high-temperature performance characteristics. This technology is combined with a new partial synthetic base fluid to make JAX Robo-Guard 00 a true high-performance grease for industrial robotic applications.

High Temp Sock Grease

As an alternative to block grease in paper machine lubrication, JAX High-Temp Sock Grease can save labor costs by eliminating the need for cutting and preparing the block. Additionally, JAX High-Temp Sock Grease requires significantly less time to change out than block. JAX High-Temp Sock Grease dramatically reduces lubrication intervals, thus reducing down time. This makes our grease very cost-effective.