JAX Aerosols


JAX100 - Power Pen 
A high-performance, environmentally friendly lubricant with Teflon that prevents rust, displaces water, lubricates, and penetrates.

JAX101 - America's Finest Penetrating Oil

A blend of the finest oils, solvents, wetting agents and it's Moly formulated to penetrate and loosen more effectively than a torch.

JAX102 - Chain Drive Pin and Bushing Lube

A foaming chain penetrating lubricant for areas requiring deep penetrating action in a lighter-colored lubricant.

JAX103 - Battery Saver & Cleaner

A unique spray that prevents rust and corrosion on old and new batteries.

JAX104 -Heavy-Duty Chain & Cable Lube

Heavy-duty, dual-purpose penetrating lubricant that reduces internal friction and extends chain and cable life.

JAX105 -Gear-Guard Synthetic Open Gear

A synthetic open gear lubricant formulated to be the most water-resistant, supply the best film adhesion, and provide the most wear protection.

JAX106 -Lift Truck & Sliding Tandem Lube

A combination of two premium greases with Moly. Helps eliminate oil drippage, prevents wear and reduces friction, rust and freeze-ups to -60°F.

JAX107 -Belt Dressing

An aerosol belt dressing that keeps belts clean with no residual build-ups while increasing belt life and power output.

JAX108 -Dry-Glide Silicone   **FOOD GRADE**


A USDA/NSF H1 Silicone lubricant authorized for use in all sanitary food plant applications.

JAX208 -Dry-Glide WB  **FOOD GRADE**


A NSF H1 food grade Silicone lubricant in a non-flammable water-based formulation.  It has little or no odor, is extremely safe for any rubber or plastics and is environmentally friendly.  Ideal for plants that have Safety departments restricting flammable aerosol packages.

JAX109 -Food Grade Penetrating Oil  **FOOD GRADE**


A USDA/NSF H1 food-grade oil with the same penetrating and wetting abilities as our America's Finest formula.

JAX110 -Magna-Plate 86  ** FOOD GRADE**


A USDA/NSF H1 synthetic lubricant for extreme low-temperature use.

JAX111 -High-Tech Cleaner/Degreaser

An extremely effective blend of high-tech chlorinated solvents for surface preparation, electrical motor and contact cleaning and degreasing industrial equipment.

JAX112 -Protecto-Lube

A dry Moly spray for long-term lubrication and rust proofing. Makes an excellent anti-seize compound or a lubricant on surfaces where dust, dirt or high temperatures are a problem.

JAX114 -Magna-Plate 78   **FOOD GRADE**


A USDA H1 E.P. anti-wear food-grade lubricant for equipment in a food processing environment.

JAX214 -BDF Cling Lube  **FOOD GRADE**


A clear Food-Grade machine/conveyor/chain lubricant that sprays out in a thick, long-lasting, clinging foam; fortified with USDA H1 approved E.P., anti-wear and adhesion additives.

JAX115 -Jet Fire Starting Ether

A starting ether highly concentrated for quick starts down to -65°F that is approved by major oil companies and engine manufacturers.

 JAX116 -Magna-Plate 600 
A super water-resistant white lithium grease that is truly a ´grease gun in a can' for lubricating areas too difficult to grease with normal methods.

JAX117 -Tool Life Concentrate

A cutting and machining concentrate for exotic metals and plastics.

JAX118 -Heavy-Duty Silicone

A multi-purpose lubricant for thousands of applications. For use where a clean, dry, long-lasting lubricant is needed.

JAX122 -Green Clean Cleaner/Degreaser


An environmentally friendly cleaner/degreaser for surface preparation, degreasing industrial equipment and cleaning/degreasing metal parts.

JAX123 -Stainless Steel Cleaner


Cleans and polishes most bright metals, removes water stains, finger prints, and oils while leaving the surface free of residue or film. Rated USDA C1.

JAX124 -Electrical Contact Cleaner NFF

A non-flammable cleaner for electrical and electronic components that is odorless, non-staining and will not harm electrical insulation or plastics.

JAX129 -‘Clean Stop' Brake Parts Cleaner

Industrial strength formula for all brake part rebuilding and maintenance. Powerful spray and extension tube allows most jobs to be done while assembled.

JAX213 -Halo-Guard FG-2  **FOOD GRADE**


JAX latest, high performance, high temperature, food machinery grease now in aerosol form!   Halo-Guard FG provides Extreme Pressure (E.P.) performance at industrial grease levels, and its remarkable corrosion protection properties make it unique among NSF H1 authorized food grade greases.  Cures to a thick coating of white grease to protect against metal-to-metal contact and washout.


CFIA N/USDA /NSF 3H, CFR 178.3620 White Mineral Oil, NSF H1

Food Grade White Oil in a can!  Specially formulated for the food processing industry where concern for container contamination has created the need for a tamper-proof container.  

JAX229 -Non-Chlorinated Brake Parts Cleaner

Low V.O.C. formula quickly and safely removes brake fluid, grease, oil, road film and dirt from brake and clutch parts. Leaves no residue, dries quickly.